Chancellor Manufacturing has been an original chair supplier to churches since before it become popular. Our original design drawings are dated 1977 with our first order delivered in February 1979.

Since Chancellor's beginning, the emphasis has been on quality and good design and letting the costs fall where they fall. We have not been interested in being the biggest chair company; our desire is to be a well-managed, responsible and accountable one. We desire to be the head, not the tail and to be innovative and lead our industry.

We want to operate a safe environment for our employees, pay our suppliers promptly, keep excellent records, take care of our property and tools and do what we say we will do.

We desire to be a good neighbor, good citizen and to cheerfully pay our share of taxes.

Company profile 

The very best way to review Chancellor's corporate profile is to obtain a Dunn and Bradstreet report on us. The report writers have visited our facilities and tracked our growth and business methods for 30 years. They are unbiased in their disclosures.

Basically this report will state:

· Our original design drawings are dated 1977.

· We started operating in 1978 as a partnership.

· We’re currently an S corporation.

· We have no debt, except monthly payables.

· We pay our bills promptly.

· We do not have nor have we every had any liens or judgments.

· Our building totals 68,000 square feet.

· We sell direct to the end user.

· We sell to individual churches.

Design Criterion

Our intention has been to create a church seating system; it has not been to manufacture an attractive chair. The purpose was to have a package of 200 chairs speaking as one unit. We wanted it to have the appearance of pews or theater chairs but have the flexibility and cost effectiveness of stacking chairs.

Because of the serious nature of the subject being communicated, the chairs have to rival theater chairs in comfort.

Because of the normal life expectancy of worship seating, the system has to include durability features. 

Industry history

Discussing the basic foundation of the church furniture industry is necessary to appreciate and understand it. It is absorbed with men and women of goodwill and deep faith who wish to serve and contribute. All are passionate about what they do and their purpose in life. Chancellor has the highest regard and respect for such underlying force and determination. We compete with each other to see who gets to serve and give. Outsiders coming into the industry find it a very difficult industry in which to survive.

Although spiritual dedication is a major plus, there is a need to balance this dedication with the sciences necessary to operate professionally. The two elements make up the whole and define each company.

Many of our customers are working on limited budgets and demand the lowest price. This demand is always with us. How each company responds to this force is what separates our leaderships and us.

Our Beliefs

We desire to serve those who demand the best of us, not our worst. Our goal is to bring the best out of a church and believe churches want this in their worship seating.

We believe churches have personalities and that furniture helps to reflect this personality.

We believe that work is honorable and that we should earn our pay and the trust of those we serve.

We believe it is an honor and a privilege to contribute to the spiritual ministry and pledge to take such trust seriously.

We believe that reputation is either an asset or a liability and subscribe to the highest of ethical conduct.

We believe that perfection is not possible and that we all fall short, but should never give up in this pursuit.

We believe there is no great virtue in being the biggest. Our goal has been to be ethical, honorable, whole, and solid.

We believe if another can do a better and cheaper job than we can – that they should do it. If an item doesn’t pencil, let someone do it that can make it pencil, therefore we outsource where it’s wise to do so.

We believe God has a place and purpose for Chancellor Mfg. and we constantly focus on following it.

We believe that relationships are not destinations but journeys that are walked everyday.

We believe that the experiences of others, over an extended period of time, are a good indicator of future expectations. Therefore, we encourage obtaining Dunn and Bradstreet reports which indicate the unbiased experiences of others.

We believe we can make a significant contribution to those with similar beliefs.